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About Us

Employing over 11,000 staff UHNM has two sites, Royal Stoke University Hospital, located in Stoke-on-Trent and County Hospital, located in Stafford. The Royal Stoke University Hospital is part of a £370m private finance initiative (PFI) that was completed in 2015.

From these hospitals the Trust provides a full range of general acute hospital services for people living in and around Staffordshire and beyond. The Trust also provides specialised services, such as Trauma, for three million people in a wider area, including neighbouring counties and North Wales. It is also recognised for its particular expertise in trauma, respiratory conditions, spinal surgery, upper gastro-intestinal surgery, complex orthopaedic surgery, laparoscopic surgery and the management of liver conditions. More than 175,000 patients attended UHNM’s Accident and Emergency departments in the past year, many from a wide geographical area by both helicopter and land ambulance because of its Major Trauma Centre status.

Key challenges

UHNM faces a number of strategic and operational challenges, including:

  • its financial situation which remains extremely challenging, as a result of which the Trust was placed into Financial Special Measures in March 2017. The Trust has an ambitious financial recovery programme and is required to implement significant cost saving programmes;
  • meeting the NHS Constitutional targets in relation to Referral to Treatment (RTT), Emergency 4 hour target and Cancer for which it has recovery plans in place.
  • the delivery of the STP with its partners within the wider Health Economy to address a number of long standing challenges.